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Dirt and dust particle inclusions in the surface of high-tech coating systems are the cause of the majority of rejections in the paint processing industry.

This problem can be solved by a targeted and specialized investigation into the type and source of the inclusions.

The investigation, including the preparation of the samples, is done on-site which provides results close to the actual production line. During the investigation a large number of sources can be identified, also other causes of defects, e.g. those originating in the substrate (undercoat).

VWS can deliver a positive contribution to " first run OK" numbers, both during the construction and starting operation of a new paint booth.

Frank van Waveren

       'Independent research and advice given by a neutral office ensures that the different objectives of both supplier and customer can be taken into account and unbiased recommendations made, uninfluenced by interested parties from the coating industry or equipment suppliers'.

VWS is an independent company.

Further, in the current climate of environmental problems and with the increasing scarcity of available raw materials, every 'first-run OK' is more than welcome and makes a positive contribution to improving our environment.

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